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【Low discount  secondhand shop for Overseas workers】

We are specialty store of used home appliances.
We sell used refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, freezer, TV and those set products.Used home appliances purchased always perform operation check
and cleaning in the company, although we are selling at a low price due to cost reduction,
We have a reputation for high quality while using second-hand products,
There is also a 20days warranty period.
Standard home appliance set

PACKAGE SALE  48000yen

※ If it breaks down within 20days,
the Delivery fee will be replaced by the equivalent product at our expense
Hot-selling product is a household appliance set of 48,000 yen ...,
Washing machine + Refrigerator +Microwave + Vacuum cleaner+ Electronic Rice cooker This product is perfect for people who want to start living alone.
We can find similar items in the image
We will sell to you Japanese brand products in excellent condition
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